For those needing to machine a wide range of materials for prototyping, development and specialist applications, Fischer CNC-Technik GmbH is a valued and proven partner worldwide across a very broad range of industry sectors. Depending on customer requirements, a wide range of high-tensile materials are machined within tolerances of thousandths of a millimetre before receiving an appropriate surface finish

In this market, long-term competitiveness depends on maintaining appropriate quality standards. Alongside the straightforward and punctual handling of customer orders, Fischer CNC-Technik GmbH has made quality part and parcel of their corporate philosophy. Whether in the early stages of a project, when deciding on the most economically viable material, or in a later phase, when making adjustments to drawings or the manufacturing technique, the company provides their customers with direct support based on decades of experience as a mid-sized company.

To get an idea of what is possible when you apply years of experience and a day-to-day passion for the work in hand, the following presents a selection of highlights from our production facilities at Fischer CNC-Technik GmbH, which we include here with the kind permission of our customers.